How we met ... (the first part of ??? )

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I remember how I took the train. father stretched his long strong arm and caught my elbow. I turned and smiled with. also smiled at me. "Take care of yourself honey. call as soon as coming. I love you. goodbye," he said goodbye and gave me a kiss.

"worry, Dad. call you as soon as come. I love you. bye," I answered and took the train. I found the free compartment and sat down. I looked out the window and wagged his father. I felt tears in their eyes. I tried it at all costs retain! the train is away and walk away from the father. I have blurred flowing tears on my face. I pulled out of his backpack player and a book. I listened to his favorite band, and read my favorite book. that opened the door. I thought that it was a crew prepared a ticket. in the coupe went looking young man, about my age. paid me a nice smile and sat down.

I saw how his lips move as if something he said. But nothing is heard. I realized that I have in the ears headphones. I quickly removed them and, together with the book here is put together. "sorry but I have heard what I said could you repeat it?" I asked, and bit into the lower lip.

"I asked if they will not mind if I sit down here" smiled the. while I topila in his deep, yet beautiful sight. Then I came back to reality. I realized what he said. "clearly not," I smiled and tore it from his eyes.

"My name is Mike," always looked at me. his smile was that beautiful. "I am Veronica." I gave him a smile. I saw how moved in place so that it is closer to the window. or to me? "Where are you going to Veronica?" he asked, and watched from the window. I was hesitant to answer. I did not know him at all.

"Worry, you will not watch or something. Just ask where you headed. I 'm going to Dallas. To my tete," always looked out the window. his smile disappeared when they gave the word aunt. "I 'm going to Dallas, too. but as a grandmother," out of me without you informed. it was too late. heard it. the rest of the journey we have talked. I found it a lot. to be what it is. Why go for this and for how long shall refrain from.

Then the train stopped and I spoke. helped me with things. grandmother has been waiting for me. I say farewell to Mike and left with her grandmother. I called his father at home. about half the seventh ring the phone ...

to be continue

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