How we met ... ( Part Two )

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I remember that I was up the phone. "halo?" said the voice on the phone. I came to know the voice but failed to include him. "Yes?" I answered. "Veronica? it's me, Mike." said the voice. at that time I was, who was the famous voice. I was smiling at the thought that this is Mike. the beautiful young man from the train. "Hello, Mike. where they took my number?" I did not. For him to disclose. "Hmm ... you know that my aunt knows your grandma? When I told her that I met Mrs. Müllerová granddaughter, said that you would like to know. And gave me your number and I called," replied his beautiful and pleasant voice.

"I see, so you want to invite you?" I asked surprised. I knew that the grandmother wanted to go too but I was so afraid the answers. long has been quiet. he said. "No ... you know, we thought that we came to you. You know, like me, and aunt," got to "go it?"

"Wait, let me ask grandmothers," I replied. and now this sorry. occurred to me how childishly had read. "yeah, wait 'answered. probably already here power naive that I thought that you notice. I put the handset on the shelf and went for her grandmother in the kitchen. "Grandma, you remember the boy as me leaving the train?" I asked the grandmother. "clearly sweetheart, what is dreaming? to call on now?" asked the grandmother with a nice smile. "Yes, you know Miss Natalie Brown?" I wanted to know. "Of course. lives a few streets away. I go to her for the flowers. Why?" answered and looked at me a special look.

"the boy, Mike. this is a nephew. and asked if they can come to visit." I was silent and waiting for her answer. just looked at me. smiled and said, "there is no problem. when they want to come?" "I do not know it. wait ask is' I turned and returned to the earpiece.

"Mike? Where you came?" I said into the phone. I hoped that it still did not. "You know, we thought that we would come tomorrow on the" coffee "about the third hour. Suited you?" asked beloved voice. "clearly.'ll wait for you." I replied with a smile. I was glad to see him again. "See you tomorrow 'and put the phone. or me too neděsila the idea that know his aunt. and then there was everything to me. For here he comes. What will you do? no, what are you going? began in me to create panic. I went to the wash and then I lay down.

morning I woke up and went to the kitchen. grandmother was already awake. "Grandma? now we come to Mike and his aunt for coffee. about the third." I was that I told her yesterday. "OK. it to Miss Natalie much smoke. We have long been a while. and what he Mike? seems to be nice." I listened to grandma only half listening. when I was that asks for Mike, I find the right words, I did not give clear that I like. "yeah, is total nice. is a year older and aunt came in to help her. I would rather say that parents sent him for punishment "in the idea, I had to laugh. grandmother began to frown. I did not know why. I wanted to ask but sent me to my room. I reluctantly left.
to be continue

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